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Sitecore 8: the inside track
The marketers business case
 for upgrading

About the webinar

Over the years Sitecore has gone through a cycle of launching differing versions of their platform. Over time this has created a level of fragmentation with organisations utilising different versions of the platform with access to different tools and functionality.

But why should organisations look to upgrade? As the saying goes ‘what’s in it for me’.  

During this webinar, we'll aim to answer why you should be on the latest version. 


Mario Kyriacou

Managing Partner, Ratio


What you'll learn from this video:

  • The marketers perspective on upgrading 
  • How to build a business case
  • What marketing improvements are in the latest version
  • Common pitfalls to be aware of when upgrading
  • The benefits of Sitecore's automated upgrade tool
  • The dangers of not upgrading 
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Who should watch? 

This webinar is relevant for any marketer who is:

  • Considering upgrading but not sure why
  • Are on the latest version of Sitecore but are not using the marketing features
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